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What is πϱTorrent?

πϱTorrent is a web interface to rTorrent, the popular bittorrent client. πϱTorrent was created to rid servers of that awful project called PHP. It is a disgrace to programming languages in general. Anyway, enough ranting, as the code of this project sucks too, just less than any PHP project. pyroTorrent is still very much work in progress. It can only show some basic information about torrents, list them and you can add torrents by passing the URL. The html/css design sucks. But it is quite fast. Faster than most rtorrent (did I mention it’s for rtorrent? Now I did.) web interfaces.


It’s features include but are not limited to:

  • View your torrents and upload/download rate.
  • Efficient XMLRPC usage.
  • Browse the files of your torrents.
  • Add torrents via direct links to .torrent files
  • Basic support for rtorrent views.
  • Direct SCGI communication over Unix sockets as well as HTTP XMLRPC.
  • Multiple rtorrent sources. (targets)
  • Support for basic user management. (config file + per target)
  • Download (in)complete files using your browser.
  • Support for resuming aforementioned downloads. (HTTP 206)

Planned features:

  • Select/Change/Create/Delete views
  • Advanced user management.
  • Add events / schedulers.
  • Encryption policy management.
  • Manage lots of rtorrent settings.
  • Move torrents to views
  • Add statistics. (graphs)
  • And a lot more...

Far fetched:

  • Support for transmission
  • Support for other clients. (uTorrent, Azureus)

Additionally, pyroTorrent tries to document most of the rTorrent XMLRPC methods it uses. Its documentation of the rTorrent XMLRPC methods is probably far more complete than rTorrent’s own documentation. We hope to send our documentation to the rTorrent project at some point and make the world a less chaotic place.

Download / Source code

Source code:

git clone git://

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